Video Distribution

DSC00125vecoax miniblade hdmi modulator


However you look at it, video in the home or business usually is utilized in more than one location.  There are many methods of distribution to achieve the goal.

We speak one case AVIES was tasked to help a growing business share six satellite receiver boxes with over 30 TV's and monitors.  The best solution for this customer was to use six ClearQAM modulators and build a mini-cable head-end for the customer.  This system untilizes the existing coax cable in the building to distribute the six high-definition channels.  And, even better, any time a new TV is added, it's simply a matter of connecting it to the cable system and tuning the six digital channels.  The cost savings are immense over using HDMI-over-UTP extender sets not to mention the cost savings by using inexpensive RG6 coax instead of switched HDMI runs.

The most common residential distribution systems we design and install are in the higher end homes with central locations for electronic equipment.  For instance, a basement area near the utilities demarc is fitted with a component rack.  We install multiple set-top-boxes, audio amplifiers, switches, whatever is required in the rack.  After consultation with the customer, we desgin with them a method of sharing the boxes, Blu-ray players, Game Systems, and more (even security cameras) with all TVs in the house.  We accomplish this with matrix switches, HDMI Extenders, Modulators, or good, old-fashioned straight-out hardwiring.  Each case is different, but we're here to find the right technology for you and then help ensure it is installed and working properly.

AVIES comes from a broadcast TV background...we can also hook you up with streaming solutions as well as build-out a complete broadcast TV studio for you.  

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