Construction Pre-Wiring

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Residential and Commercial Pre-wiring

Pre-wiring or roughing-in is the act of running all your wiring before construction of any new or remodeled space has sealed the walls, floors, and ceilings with a final surface.  This is the time when buildinds are still sticks and drywall is not complete.  By pre-wiring low-voltage, you can put your network (Cat-5/6/7), TV (RG6), Alarm, Security Cameras (RG59), Sensors, Telephony, and any other technology cabling in place ready for terminating at any time.

The monetary savings are tremendous--fishing time is at least one-third, no accidental drilling through pipes or electrical, less cable by taking proper direct routes, and more.

AVIES has pre-wired everything including home remodels, basement finishes, apartment complexes, new homes, restaurants, schools, retail outlets, office spaces, manufacturing plants, and more.  We have the skills and experience to bring your technology needs into reality at the best bang for your buck.

We can help with the design process through to final deployment.  Please call or email us when you're ready for more information or got get started!