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Complete Home Theater System Design, Installations, and Service

Are you ready to create a home theater in an existing space in your home or are you building a new home and want to include a theater?  

AVIES designs and integrates custom systems that provide years of entertainment and make your home the place to be for movie nights, big games, or just to hang out and add value to your home.

All levels of installations from clean and safe wall-mounted TVs to dedicated cinema quality theater rooms . Game and entertainment rooms also benefit from upgrades to the newest tech and we're experienced with all of it--Surround Sound; ATMOS technology (you have to hear this to believe it...we have a demo in our show room, come on in and hear what ATMOS is about); Whole-Home entertainment systems; universal remotes from URC; cord-cutting streaming technologies; network and Wi-Fi upgrades, 4K UHD and 3D systems; projectors, LED/LCDs, and more--we strive to be the go-to experts in all of these technologies.  

And, if your project is big (requiring permits and inspections) AVIES works directly with your general contractors or can serve as your general contractor for a complete remodel, basement finish. 

We can also work as your design consultant for your own installation or future plans.

If you already have an existing system and just want to upgrade or need help getting it back in-service, we're there for you.

Send an email or give us a call today to get started!

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What Equipment Do We Recommend?

AVIES is an authorized dealer and/or installer for many high-quality equipment brands.  We can go with any brand you like and we'll offer your a good/better/best choice (and the super-high-end professional gear if that suits your needs).  We are an authorized Denon dealer and are extremely happy with their Audio-Video Receivers (and so are our customers).  Denon has the best user interface we've used, great apps, HEOS technology, and more.  Any receiver we'd use for your system will have Apple AirPlay©, Bluetooth, Networking, Built-in Streaming, and more.

We are also authorized resellers and programmers for Universal Remote Control (URC)...the top selection in home theater universal remotes. 

As for speakers, we'll always lean towards Phase Tech.  We are authorized resellers for Phase Technology.  Their speakers are world class audiophile level with options at all price levels  Stop by our show room and hear for yourself. We have a home theater system setup and configured for ATMOS sound--you really won't believe your ears and hearing is worth the trip alone.

TVs...well, that can change, but right now, we're installing more Samsungs than any other brand.  Their 4K QLED sets do not disappoint but LG and Sony have some sweet offerings as well.  And, there's nothing wrong with the 2nd Tier brands of Visio, Insignia, and such--we know there are very few LCD plants in the world, so it wouldn't be surprising to find that a lot of these brands have shared parts.  The advantage with the 1st Tier products has always been in maturity of the design (thinner TVs, better user interfaces, more features) and longevity, but that is all getting closer between the brands as time passes.

Wiring, we'll always use pure copper Cat-6 and Cat-5, Speaker Wire, and Coax...you can save some money with Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA), but we'll only use that upon your request--solid copper has better conductivity specs in all cases.

The summary is, we'll work directly with you to ensure you get the best you can have at the price you want to pay.