Whole Home Audio Systems

whole home audio




Whole-Home Audio Systems provide high-quality sound in as many rooms in your house you desire--indoors and out.  Play music via Tuners, Streaming sorces, Bluetooth sources, TV boxes, and more (including single or multi-disc CD players if you still have that collection)...link your phone to the sytem in the kitchen and fill the home with your favorite sounds.  


  • Sources are located in the same central location
  • Remote Bluetooth or Wired Sources in any location
  • Each zone can select its own source (including the remote sources) and set its own volume
  • Control volume and sources with your smart phone or tablet and/or wall-mounted keypads
  • Optional full featured inter-room intercom and doorbell intercom easily added to any system
  • Choose sources such as iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, TV, Tuner, Bluetooth and more
  • User friendly and reliable 
  • Basic, Mid-Level and Advance Systems available 
  • We support and install several brands including Sonos, HTD, Russound, Niles, and more..