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A commercial specialty of ours is interactive way-finding screens in multi-occupant buildings.  We worked with Block and Keywest Technology to retrofit several of their buildings in the Kansas City Metro.  These intuitive signs list the building directory and allow a visitor to touch the screen accessing detailed maps to their final destination.  It truly does serve as a virtual attendant in a building that didn't have one before.

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AVIES has been across the globe installing Hospitality Digital-Signage systems for Keywest Technology.  This installaion at the JWMarriott in Seoul was particularly challenging to modify some of their existing cabling infrastructer to work with the signage players and still maintain the crisp and clean look that we demand and the customer expects.


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Another Pacific Rim Hospitality Installation we had the pleasure of working on.  The Hong Kong JWMarriott presented several difficulties, the most of which was working with masonry materials that would cost a pretty penny should we induce a crack or break off a chunk that doesn't reside behind the chrome frames.  AVIES comes equipped with the right tools and skills for the job, but patience was probably the most important quality in HK.


Keywest Technology sent us to Ray Catena car dealerships in New Jersey to install monitors in several of their locations.  These waiting room signage displays had to be a clean and solid install (as are all we do) to meet the aesthetics of the upscale showrooms this dealer owns.  The install required creative cable concealment from TVs to the media players in cabinets below.


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