This installation consists of multiple displays throughout the Iowa State University Book Store.  The system also ties in to the existing 70-Volt Public Address system and manages the ambient music as well as the informational displays.  All new cabling was ran for each monitor and we utilized HDMI over UTP transmitters and receivers to deliver the goods.

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Hartmann arena is one of the most comprehensive installations we've done.  This was done in new construction, so we were able to use all of our skills from pre-wiring, to custom mounting, to large format displays, to structured rack cabling, and beyond.  The Wichita Wild may no lnonger inhabit Hartmann, but all of these displays and video walls still are cranking away

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Another fine and fun install.  At the Hines building (or One Franklin Square), within shouting distance of the White house, we had the honor of modifying artistic brass enclosures to house way-finding displays.  We replaced old push-letter type boards with the technology of today while maintaining the classic look of the frames.  Our goal was to leave no doubt in the viewers mind that those frames were designed for our application (even though they were designed before color TV was in everyone's home.)  Wiring was not plausible in all areas of the old marble structure, so AVIES utilized professional grade wireless bridges to connect the Keywest Technology media players to the world (so the owners can update the display on a whim, from anywhere in the known universe).


The Lighton Plaza way-finding installation is much like all our others, except we had a unique medium to work in this time.  The decorative outer frame is 1/2" thick tinted safety glass with sand-blasted effect lettering.  The glass has a monitor-sized hole cut in it (by glass professionals with their right-tools) allowing building visitors to physically use the monitor touch screen to locate their final destination.

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