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The LED wall gracing the wall space above the KC Zoo Helzburg Penguin Exhibit main entrance is another AVIES installation.  This display system also required a custom steel mounting structure fabricated by AVIES.  We worked with the architects directly during the construction phase to ensure a solid and safe installation the Zoo and its visitors can enjoy for years to come.  This display is driven by Keywest Technology MediaZone Pro  software.  The penguins seem to be satisified.  


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Johnson County Community College

This beautiful display wall is built with six commercial Philips LED backlight LCDs in portrait configuration with a purpose-built mount system.  Besides the lifting (and not breaking) of these heavy monitors, the real challenge was building the custom steel mounting structure for all that weight to safely hang from.  Our design, welding, and installation teams out performed expectations on this one!  The end product is driven by Keywest Technology Breeze Digital Signage, also installed by AVIES.