Hines Building Directory Sign Modification & Installation - Washington DC

AVIES modified antique "poster" doors in Washington DC and put a directory behind them. The Hines building had existing "changeable letter" signs behind decorative glass doors that were opened whenever the lettering required changing. AVIES modified those decorative doors and re-framed the enclosure to hold a display and a digital signage player. We then modified the glass to precisely frame the display screen, concealing the edges of the display and the ancillary electronics. Part of the enclosure modification included controlled air flow to prevent electronics from overheating. Wi-Fi is used to communicate with the players since the marble walls and floors could not be altered for wiring. AVIES did two of these in the Hines building, one at each entrance. Each one has different content based on the side of the building the patron enters, which is one reason to have dynamic digital signage as opposed to printing posters or using outdated changeable lettering.