When the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena in Independence, MO contracted Keywest Technology for a video wall system show piece at the arena entrance, Keywest contracted AVIES to handle all aspects of the physical installation. With safety as a primary consideration, AVIES engineered a custom installation system to support the nine portrait 49" micro-bezel LCD displays. Second only to safety is the precision alignment of the displays, creating a virtually seamless 1 x 9 wall singular video display for the Keywest Technology media presentation software to create a real "wow" effect for the customer.

The system is capable of acting as one display or nine individual displays or any combination of the two modes. High definition video and high resolution stills cycle on a programmed schedule and can be changed at a moment’s notice through the Keywest Technology software.

Husqvarna Construction Products in Olathe, KS was in need of a new "War Room", and called AVIES.

We worked directly with the project managers at Husqvarna's facility to help design a state the art conference center as well as updating three other conference rooms in the facility with large screens and high-lumen projectors.

The new conference room, built from scratch in the middle of the main floor in the building, features 6 80" Sharp Aquos LED/LCD HDTVs, dimmable smart LED overhead lighting, HDMI matrix switching, and Universal Remote Control (URC) command and control equipment.

The precision of this installation resided with creating a 1 x 6 video wall with the large displays that included extending past two corners of the room.  Anyone who's ever had to line up displays on a flat wall knows the difficulty in installing heavy monitors with tolerances in the hundredths of inches--imagine carrying that kind of precision over from flat mounts to large displays on fully articulating arms.

To achieve the elegant look, AVIES mocked up the mounting and spent the long hours to calculate precise display placement.

Once the hard part was done, AVIES also installed a motorized drop down projector screen and high-brightness projector in the same conference room.

To simplify control and setup proper scenarios (such as, when the projector is on and the screen is down, turn off the center monitors or clone one computer input over the three left screens but leave the right three set one-to-one), AVIES installed a full Total Control solution from URC.  Consisting of one of URC's Total Control base stations and a fully programmable remote with color LCD built in, two in-wall control pads and IR flooding blasters in the room, the control system brings everything to life with the simple touch of a button.


AVIES was selected to design, fabricate, and install a high-end LED Billboard System at the Kansas City Zoo’s new world-class Penguin Exhibit opened at the end of 2013.

AVIES created and installed the custom steel-grid mounting structure for the 10’ x 7.5’ LED display with redundant safety features, then assembled and installed the LED display including all networking, audio and video cabling required. AVIES engineers’ skillful delicate touch with heavy equipment and specialized custom tools led to an event-free, on-schedule, on-budget completion of the project.

The LED display used was an Absen IP65 rated 10mm pitch A1040 display featuring surface-mount LED technology. The project specification required an outdoor sound system to accompany the video. AVIES utilized Peavey speakers, Lab-Gruppen amplification and Keywest Technology Digital Signage players and Keywest Technology streaming receivers for the full audio and video experience.

The impressive display runs daily at the KC Zoo…check it and the penguins out next time you’re in the area--neither will disappoint!

When the concessions vendor who handles Arrowhead's Club Level concession stands decided to go with digital menus, replacing the old manual and static menu boards, they went with Keywest Technology's Breeze Dynamic Menu solution. Keywest Technology turned to AVIES for this complex project consisting of more than 40 menu boards. The first hurdle to overcome for AVIES was designing a mounting structure in an area above the concession stands that had no previous structure capable of supporting 400 pounds of displays safely overhead.

AVIES accomplished that goal ahead of schedule and under budget by creating custom steel grid structures anchored to the stadium concrete, each one capable of holding 10X the weight needed.

AVIES then installed each bank of menu boards with enough precision to virtually hide all the mounting hardware that has to exist below the ceiling line, giving the menus the appearance of floating over the concession stand work areas. The vendor now has the capability to modify the menu on the fly. For example, if they sell out of a particular food or beverage item, they can instantly remove it from the menu. In addition, if the vendor needs to clear out an overstock item before the end of an event, they can simply adjust prices on the fly and change featured product graphics and videos from anywhere in the world. Keywest Technology software can also tie into Point-of-Sale (POS) applications which will allow for automatic menu management based on real-time inventory.

AVIES completed this installation working only during normal business hours, during weekdays, and still had the displays up and running ahead of the original schedule.

Don't get us wrong, we love a big challenge, but smaller menu requirements down to just one display are also in our wheelhouse--give us a call or drop us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how we can help reach your dynamic digital menu goals.

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